The dependence of lyapunov exponents of polynomials on their coefficients

Shrihari Sridharan, ,Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM), Maruthamala P.O., Vithura, Thiruvananthapuram, India. PIN 695 551, Atma Ram Tiwari
2018 Journal of Computational Dynamics  
In this paper, we consider the family of hyperbolic quadratic polynomials parametrised by a complex constant; namely Pc(z) = z 2 + c with |c| < 1 and the family of hyperbolic cubic polynomials parametrised by two complex constants; namely P (a 1 , a 0 ) (z) = z 3 +a 1 z +a 0 with |a i | < 1, restricted on their respective Julia sets. We compute the Lyapunov characteristic exponents for these polynomial maps over corresponding Julia sets, with respect to various Bernoulli measures and obtain
more » ... lts pertaining to the dependence of the behaviour of these exponents on the parameters describing the polynomial map. We achieve this using the theory of thermodynamic formalism, the pressure function in particular.
doi:10.3934/jcd.2019004 fatcat:upzl7xoqgjgyxk7af7y3ac5ezu