A Flexible and Lightweight Biomass-Reinforced Microwave Absorber

Yan Cheng, Justin Zhu Yeow Seow, Huanqin Zhao, Zhichuan J. Xu, Guangbin Ji
2020 Nano-Micro Letters  
Developing a flexible, lightweight and effective electromagnetic (EM) absorber remains challenging despite being on increasing demand as more wearable devices and portable electronics are commercialized. Herein, we report a flexible and lightweight hybrid paper by a facile vacuum-filtration-induced self-assembly process, in which cotton-derived carbon fibers serve as flexible skeletons, compactly surrounded by other microwave-attenuating components (reduced graphene oxide and Fe3O4@C
more » ... Owing to its unique architecture and synergy of the three components, the as-prepared hybrid paper exhibits flexible and lightweight features as well as superb microwave absorption performance. Maximum absorption intensity with reflection loss as low as - 63 dB can be achieved, and its broadest frequency absorption bandwidth of 5.8 GHz almost covers the entire Ku band. Such a hybrid paper is promising to cope with ever-increasing EM interference. The work also paves the way to develop low-cost and flexible EM wave absorber from biomass through a facile method.
doi:10.1007/s40820-020-00461-x pmid:34138152 fatcat:n3hk3tnmjvb2rjlhnhp3ovbhfe