On estimation of Nitrogen, including Nitrates

1883 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
sninll proportion of iron salt i)reseiit, yct tlint siwli, on fiilling tloati, cnclosetl t.lic siisl~cntlctl tnnttcrs, wlictlicr of organic or tiiiiiernl origin, niitl tlius caiisctl their rciiintnl. Tlint a rclcrcncc to the rcsults of the nttnlyses of tho witcis from tho incclianicnl Iicnters nncl from tlic citlicr Itcntctl-writer s y i )lies, slto\vecj this coiicIiisivc1y. Tlint in iiicclinniciil lientors tlie tubes, dctubtless Iiy tlic constant currents of wnter, reninin clenii for :i lorig
more » ... lenii for :i lorig tiiiie, mliilst tlic sides beconic as its iioii-coiidiictiiig power rctniiis lieat. t~i n t contctl with a tlc iosit, wliicli slioultl not bc r c i i i~~c t l , inecliniiicnl Iientcrs, to Iio of the greatest use, would reqiiirc to ltnvc sotiie variety of liltcring nplinrntus cnlciiitii niid niagnesiuiit, niitl tlint, this would entail cstcnt, useless. \\'itli 1inrnlliii litbricants tho condctisccl stcniii cnti lie uscd withoiit dnningc to tlic nttacltcd, to r e n i o \~ tho precipttiitctl ciirlmniitcs of
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000020107 fatcat:bpvyqlj7gbed3hiis2k2bs36ye