A Research for the Noise Development of the FF 8th Speed Automatic Transmission
전륜 8속 자동변속기 소음 개발에 대한 연구

Hyun Ku Lee, Sa Man Hong, Moo Suk Kim, Jin Wook Hur, Dong Kyu Yoo
2016 Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering  
This study shows a development procedure and results of noise reduction for a new developed FF 8th speed automatic transmission. Based on planetary gear operating frequency analysis using PTA(planetary transmission analysis) program developed in 2012, It is expected that gear noise of the rear planetary gear set could be recognized easily in the concept design stage. Therefore, pRMC (planetary run many cases) analysis program that is developed in 2012 was applied to minimize the planetary gear
more » ... the planetary gear noise level and noise distributions versus torque. To minimize noises coming from oil pump and final gears of a new transmission, several changes were applied, such as changing the clearance of double angular ball bearing, the oil pump rotor tooth number from 9 to 11 and the oil pump type from parachoid to megafloid and so on. Besides, stiffness values of the transmission case and the mount bracket were measured and reinforced properly. Finally, The total noise of the new FF 8th speed automatic transmission was developed successfully. Furthermore, E.O.L. testers also have been adapted to control the noise quality of automatic transmission assembly in the manufacturing factory. This paper could provide practical solutions to the automatic transmission NVH problems. * 1. 서 론 자동차에 탑재되는 자동변속기 개발에 있어서 세 계적인 추세는 고연비, 고성능을 동시에 만족시키는 다단화에 있다. 변속기생산 전문 업체인 일본의 아 이신(AISIN)과 독일의 젯에프(ZF)는 8속과 9속 자 동변속기를 개발하였고, 후발주자인 중국의 슝루이 (SHENGRUI)도 8속 자동변속기를 출시하였다 (1~3) . 이러한 추세는 각 회사들이 기존의 6단 자동변 속기로는 경쟁력이 부족하다는 판단하에 8단, 9단 등으로 변속기를 다단화하여 연비와 기술경쟁력의 우위를 선점하기 위한 생존경쟁의 일환으로 볼 수 있다. 당사도 연비 경쟁력과 상품성 향상을 위하 여 후륜 8속에 이어 전륜 8속 변속기를 국내 최초 로 독자 개발하여 ALL NEW K7 차량에 탑재하 †
doi:10.5050/ksnve.2016.26.5.559 fatcat:kffdun2oi5hl7bevvz4rj7jdgu