Active Vibration Suppression of Uncertain Hose and Drogue Systems in the Presence of Actuator Nonlinearities

Liang Chang, Takao Ito
2020 IEEE Access  
This paper investigates vibration suppression of uncertain hose and drogue systems in the presence of actuator nonlinearities. Firstly, a previously presented model of the hose and drogue systems is extended to describe how the hose and drogue systems restrain the vibration, while the accompanying unknown aerodynamic coefficients are estimated by invoking the parameter projection method. Subsequently, for the actuator nonlinearities of dead-zone and saturation, a smooth dead-zone approximate
more » ... zone approximate function is constructed to design the dead-zone compensation method, based upon which the proposed control scheme can handle actuator dead-zone and saturation simultaneously while improving the output efficiency of the actuator. Next, for the actuator nonlinearities of backlash and saturation, a smooth backlash inverse is constructed based upon which the presented control scheme can cope with the both actuator nonlinearities simultaneously. Finally, by utilizing backstepping method and hyperbolic tangent function, the proposed control schemes can also achieve the control objectives of vibration suppression and external disturbance attenuation. Simulation examples are included to demonstrate the validity of the proposed control schemes.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3000932 fatcat:jf4rasu7azaalkcyonm4zi27eu