Selenium Catalyzed Oxidation of Aldehydes: Green Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Luca Sancineto, Caterina Tidei, Luana Bagnoli, Francesca Marini, Eder Lenardão, Claudio Santi
2015 Molecules  
The stoichiometric use of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a selenium-containing catalyst in water is here reported as a new ecofriendly protocol for the synthesis of variously functionalized carboxylic acids and esters. The method affords the desired products in good to excellent yields under very mild conditions starting directly from commercially available aldehydes. Using benzaldehyde as a prototype the gram scale synthesis of benzoic acid is described, in which the aqueous medium and
more » ... queous medium and the catalyst could be recycled at last five times while achieving an 87% overall yield.
doi:10.3390/molecules200610496 pmid:26060915 fatcat:zcifzu5z6jh4riz3dt3wtxs6vm