When Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies Violate Due Process Rights [post]

Blair A. Baker
2018 unpublished
26 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy (2017)In 2015, the Association of American Universities evaluated twenty-seven schools that surveyed their students and found that one in four female students experiences nonconsensual sexual contact during their time in college. When a student alleges an instance of sexual misconduct to officials at his or her school, the institution launches an investigation to determine whether to take disciplinary action. In the past, universities failed to hold
more » ... es failed to hold offending students accountable for their actions and social norms discouraged survivors from coming forward— creating a dangerous culture of silence. Research efforts and the media exposed these inadequacies and the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct on campus, driving national debate as well as the White House, Congress, and universities into action.
doi:10.31228/osf.io/txy5h fatcat:bmtaxad7srdkzhnvrg4wtrr4eu