Analysis of diversity of hemolytic microbiome from aquafarm of arkshell, Scapharca broughtonii
피조개 양식장 내 용혈성 미생물의 다양성 분석

Byeong-Geun Gwon, Young-Ok Kim, Bo-Hye Nam, Woo-Jin Kim, Hee Jeong Kong, Bong-Seok Kim, Young-Ju Jee, Sang-Jun Lee, Cheul Min An, Dong-Gyun Kim
2013 Journal of fish pathology  
The ark shell, Scapharca broughtonii is a marine bivalve mollusks belonging to the family Arcidae and important seafood for Korean and Japanese, and southern coast is brisk bays for the ark shell aquaculture. However, productivity of ark shell from these regions were rapidly reduced during the last decade due to mass mortality. The reason of this great damage has not yet been identified. To overcome this economic loss, diverse investigations were focused on environmental factors that affects in
more » ... the physiology of S. broughtonii, but microbiological researches were performed insufficiently. Hemoglobin is one of the major blood component of ark shell and is damaged by some species of bacterial toxins. We concentrated on this red pigment because hemolysis could be the cause of ark shell mortality. In this study, we analyzed microbial diversity of underwater sediments in coastal regions and also existences in the body of S. broughtonii. We investigate about 4,200 isolates collected from June to September for microbial diversity of sediments and ark shell. We screened all of culturable microorganisms, and identified 25 genera 118 species, 24 genera 89 species, 30 genera 109 species and 39 genera 141 species, and selected 140 unique colonies for identification and challenge assay.
doi:10.7847/jfp.2013.26.3.193 fatcat:f6xiy75lpbgulhw646pirz2nau