International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2018; 6(2): 94-99 Review in current problems of Ethiopian fishery: Incase of human and natural associated impacts on water bodies Agumassie Tesfahun

Agumassie Tesfahun
This review paper was aimed to investigate the current fishery problems in Ethiopia. Different data sources were used including published and unpublished scientific papers. Ethiopian aquatic ecosystems provided more than 180 fish species and the country had the potential to produce 51,500 tonnes of fish per year. Based on the review the current problems of Ethiopian fishes and fishery were, impact of water hyacinth (mainly in observed Lake Tana and some other Ethiopian rift valley lakes),
more » ... alley lakes), expansion of agriculture and industrialization, climate change and post harvest losses, using improper fishing gears and poison plants, immature fishing and overfishing, wetland degradation and fish diseases. Now a day the demand of fish is double increasing. Therefore, effective management of fishes is urgently required by encouraging the capture fishery and aquaculture to sustain the fish resources to meet the demand for fish and fishery products.