Hybrid Amniotic Membrane Dressing with Green Silver Nanoparticles as Bioengineered Skin for Wounds and Burns: A Pilot Studies

Balasundari Ramesh, Jaikanth Chandrasekaran, Sangeetha Jeevankumar, George Jacob, Kotturathu Mammen Cherian
2017 Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials  
Fabrication of 3D novel scaffolds is very challenging and critical to achieve the appropriate function for tissue regeneration. This study aims to develop a hybrid biological nano-scaffold using Liquid nitrogen (LN 2 ) decellularised human amniotic membrane (hAM), human umbilical cord derived collagen nano-fibres and green silver nanoparticles obtained by green synthesis of curcumin. A novel attempt was made to develop in vitro bioengineered dermal layer by seeding the scaffold with cord blood
more » ... erived Mesenchymal stem cells (CBMSCs) and trans-differentiating them to keratinocytes and dermal fibroblast like cells using keloid foreskin conditioned media. Furthermore, the small animal experiments in Albino Wistar rats prove it to be a safe healing product without scar formation. This novel scaffold can be a promising dressing material for none healing ulcers and burns. This scaffold has long shelf life, easy to apply, have sustained/controlled release of silver, the minimum frequency of dressing changes, manage excessive exudates, moisture retainment, reduce inflammation and facilitate autolytic debridement.
doi:10.4172/2155-952x.1000272 fatcat:2se2ufe6bjby3dytlszhjti34m