From tissue to silicon to plastic: three-dimensional printing in comparative anatomy and physiology

Henrik Lauridsen, Kasper Hansen, Mathias Ørum Nørgård, Tobias Wang, Michael Pedersen
2016 Royal Society Open Science  
Comparative anatomy and physiology are disciplines related to structures and mechanisms in three-dimensional (3D) space. For the past centuries, scientific reports in these fields have relied on written descriptions and two-dimensional (2D) illustrations, but in recent years 3D virtual modelling has entered the scene. However, comprehending complex anatomical structures is hampered by reproduction on flat inherently 2D screens. One way to circumvent this problem is in the production of
more » ... d scale models. We have applied computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to produce digital models of animal anatomy well suited to be printed on low-cost 3D printers. In this communication, we report how to apply such technology in comparative anatomy and physiology to aid discovery, description, comprehension and communication, and we seek to inspire fellow researchers in these fields to embrace this emerging technology.
doi:10.1098/rsos.150643 pmid:27069653 pmcid:PMC4821264 fatcat:zsx3ugqervd3diilrrnscpptl4