Embedded coupled microrings with high-finesse and close-spaced resonances for optical signal processing

Mario C. M. M. Souza, Luis A. M. Barea, Felipe Vallini, Guilherme F. M. Rezende, Gustavo S. Wiederhecker, Newton C. Frateschi
2014 Optics Express  
Single microring resonators have been used in applications such as wavelength multicasting and microwave photonics, but the dependence of the free spectral range with ring radius imposes a trade-off between the required GHz optical channel spacing, footprint and power consumption. We demonstrate four-channel all-optical wavelength multicasting using only 1 mW of control power, with converted channel spacing of 40-60 GHz. Our device is based on a compact embedded microring design fabricated on a
more » ... ign fabricated on a scalable SOI platform. The coexistence of close resonance spacing and high finesse (205) in a compact footprint is possible due to enhanced quality factors (30,000) resulting from the embedded configuration and the coupling-strength dependence of resonance spacing, instead of ring size. In addition, we discuss the possibility of achieving continuously mode splitting from a single-notch resonance up to 40 GHz.
doi:10.1364/oe.22.010430 pmid:24921744 fatcat:ehdfjug5fzcpjicmo2q5nzf7fu