Anna Chepelyuk, Roman Kushnir
2018 Scientific Bulletin of Uzhhorod University Series «Pedagogy Social Work»  
The communication culture of physical education specialist is an integrative personal quality that provides a high level of verbal behaviour in the educational process and allows a teacher to interact with students for the purpose of reporting the information orally, to establish and maintain the contact, to regulate their behaviour, to coordinate actions on conflicts preventing, to share feelings and emotions.. Therefore, it is important in the educational process to lay the foundations of a
more » ... mmunication culture of future physical education specialists that meets the temporal, spiritual and creative potential and professional activity. For the communication to be successful, one is to have the necessary skills. They are acquired with experience using psychological tools, certain specific exercises and pedagogical techniques. The aim of research is to conduct the analysis of scientifically-methodical, psychology-pedagogical and special literature on questions the culture of communication of teacher of physical education. Research methods used: system analysis, generalisation, classification for selection of types, factors of communication culture and components of communication culture level of physical training teacher. Research results: (i) the main types of communication are highlighted (communication with a real partner, communication of a person with an illusory partner, communication of a person with an imaginary partner); (ii) the components, which establish high level of communicational culture of physical training teachers (communicational devices, skills and knowledge) are defined); (iii) main factors which influence the formation of the components of physical training teacher communication culture have been disclosed; (iiii) the categories and indexes (cognitive, operational activity, personal) have been considered, which define the level of formation of communication culture of physical training teacher. Introduction. A communication culture of physical training teacher is a part of general culture of personality. The communication culture includes certain knowledge about communication in general. The main characteristic of communication culture of physical training teacher is normativity which determines how to communicate different situations. So, it is important in the educational process to lay the foundation of such communication culture which will respond the time, spiritually creative potential and professional activity. Knowledge itself wouldn't provide communication culture if it was used in everyday life and professional activity of physical training teacher. The communication to be successful needs necessary skills and abilities. They are gained with the experience, with the help of some psychological means, special exercises and pedagogical skills. Literature review. A lot of scientists research a communication problem in general and the communication culture in particular. Methodological problems of communication have been analyzed by O.Bodalov [2], P.Kanduba [7], A.Leontev [9]. In works of H.Ball [1], L.Kovalchuk [8], N.Chepeleva [3], A.Chepelyuk [4] different sides of professional communication have been studied: communicational, interactive, and perceptive. P.Kanduba highlights the issue of the development of human communication concept. The scientist defines four communicational functions informational communicative, regulating communicative, interactive, emotional communicative [7]. Z.Pidruchna has researched the communication process and determined main characteristics of it: communication, interaction, social perception [10].
doi:10.24144/2524-0609.2018.42.383-386 fatcat:7ielqg56vvcr3p4qffcdkyjyoy