Deterministic left to right parsing of Tree Adjoining Languages

Yves Schabes, K. Vijay-Shanker
1990 Proceedings of the 28th annual meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics -  
We define a set of deterministic bottom-up left to right parsers which analyze a subset of Tree Adjoining Languages. The LR parsing strategy for Context Free Grammars is extended to Tree Adjoining Grammars (TAGs). We use a machine, called Bottom-up Embedtied Push Down Automaton (BEPDA), that recognizes in a bottom-up fashion the set of Tree Adjoining Languages (and exactly this se0. Each parser consists of a finite state control that drives the moves of a Bottom-up Embedded Pushdown Automaton.
more » ... he parsers handle deterministically some context-sensitive Tree Adjoining Languages. In this paper, we informally describe the BEPDA then given a parsing table, we explain the LR parsing algorithm. We then show how to construct an LR(0) parsing table (no lookahead). An example of a context-sensitive language recognized deterministically is given. Then, we explain informally the construction of SLR(1) parsing tables for BEPDA. We conclude with a discussion of our parsing method and current work. 1The parsers that we develop in this paper can parse these constructions deterministically (see Figure 5 ). 2Tree Adjoining Grammars, Modified Head Grammars, Linear Indexed Grammars and Categorial Grammars (all of which generate the same subclass of context-sensitive languages) fall in the class of the so-called "mildly context sensitive" formalisms. The Embedded Push Down Automaton recognizes exactly this set of languages (Vijay-Shanker 1987) .
doi:10.3115/981823.981858 dblp:conf/acl/SchabesV90 fatcat:7msmjw7ayzdmnkh4og6j7bifxa