A case report of the prosthetic treatment of the patient with retropositioned maxilla by fractures

Masao Nishimura, Yuuji Sato, Koichiro Yoshida, Tooru Nagasawa, Hiromichi Tsuru
1986 Nihon Hotetsu Shika Gakkai Zasshi  
In case of the retropositioned maxilla by fractures, the prosthetic treatment was performed by focusing to the occlusal balance and favorable results were obtained, functionally and aesthetically. The purpose of this report is to examine the relation between the support or stability and occlusal contacts of the complete denture under the disharmonic situation of maxilla and mandible. The results are as follows (1) In first stage, a provisional denture was provided to predict the prosthetic
more » ... osis about its support and stability, because this procedure is very important to judge receptive capacity of the patient to the final denture. (2) In process of the establishment of the final denture occlusion, it was most effective to monitor a mobility of the denture with MKG and to measure a bite pressure with the pressure indicating paper (Prescale).
doi:10.2186/jjps.30.1106 fatcat:jxruwjmcyvaytbcio5vjwsruya