Application of Simulated Annealing in Various Field

2022 Materials and its Characterization  
Simulated annealing is a method of solving uncontrolled and controlled optimization problems. This method simulates the physical process of heating an object and then slowly lowering the temperature to minimize defects, thus reducing system power. Simulated Annealing is a Constant global search Is the optimization algorithm. The algorithm is attracted by annealing in metallurgy, where the metal is rapidly heated to a high temperature and then slowly cooled, which increases its strength and
more » ... it easier to work with. Implements simulated anal search in the same way. With each repetition in the Simulated Annealing Algorithm, a new point Created approx. From the current point Distance to new point or amount of search, Probability distribution that is in proportion to the temperature. All of the algorithm Accepts intent to reduce new points, but will raise the target with a certain probability Accepts points as well. Accept the scope The algorithm that raises the scores avoids getting stuck in the local minima and Explore globally for possible solutions. Algorithm Continuing, to lower the temperature properly, annealing as the temperature drops, algorithm search size reduces and at least integrates.
doi:10.46632/mc/1/1/1 fatcat:lqpxicbkybdrvlokdjpx4qc2n4