Bimaximal neutrino mixing and smallUe3from Abelian flavor symmetry

Kiwoon Choi, Eung Jin Chun, Kyuwan Hwang, Wan Young Song
2001 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
Atmospheric neutrino data strongly suggests a near-maximal ν_μ-ν_τ mixing and also solar neutrino data can be nicely explained by another near-maximal ν_e-ν_μ or ν_e-ν_τ mixing. We examine the possibility that this bi-maximal mixing of atmospheric and solar neutrinos arises naturally, while keeping U_e3 and Δ m^2_sol/Δ m^2_atm small enough, as a consequence of Abelian flavor symmetry. Two simple scenarios of Abelian flavor symmetry within supersymmetric framework are considered to obtain the
more » ... ired form of the neutrino mass matrix and the charged lepton mass matrix parameterized by the Cabibbo angle λ≈ 0.2. Future experiments at a neutrino factory measuring the size of U_e3 and the sign of Δ m^2_32 could discriminate those scenarios as they predict distinctive values of U_e3 in connection with Δ m^2_sol/Δ m^2_atm and also with the order of the neutrino mass eigenvalues.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.64.113013 fatcat:qvmcld5zhzhbtcsxxi3pxtfuiu