Impact of social networking on family, college and society. Impact on social media in connecting the world and disconnecting the society

Shwetha, Aruna Kumari
The purpose of the study is to understand the impact of social media on individuals, be it college going students, working individuals, homemakers, businessmen or any other person who come under the ambit of social networking. Social media is the tool that connects the entire world with a click of few buttons. The study tries to understand the social media's role in development of communication virtually and its influence on each of this category. The study also focuses on the impact of social
more » ... edia in the lives of individuals, its uses and abuses. How much has social media helped in connecting people is the question of the hour and needs an answer. If the social media is helping individuals in developing a good communication between individuals, then why there is a decline in human values should be understood. The effect of social media in politics, the impact of social media on society, the impact of social media on commerce, the moral challenges faced in social media and the impact of social media on personal relationships.