Deductive systems of a cone algebra — I: Semi-ℓg-cones

N. Subrahmanyam
2008 Mathematica Slovaca  
AbstractA semi-ℓg-cone is an algebra (C;*,:,·) of type (2, 2, 2) satisfying the equations (a*a)*b = b = b: (a: a); a*(b: c) = (a*b): c; a: (b*a) = (b: a)*b and (ab) *c = b* (a * c). An ℓ-group cone is a semi-ℓg-cone and a bounded semi-ℓg-cone is term equivalent to a pseudo MV-algebra. Also, a subset A of a semi-_g-cone C is an ideal of C if and only if it is a deductive system of its reduct (C;*,:).
doi:10.2478/s12175-008-0100-5 fatcat:pijhwbcpfzdt7c34v3pdlbm75u