Degradation kinetics of calcium polyphosphate bioceramic: an experimental and theoretical study

Qianbin Wang, Qiguang Wang, Jianyun Wang, Xiaohua Zhang, Xixun Yu, Changxiu Wan
2009 Materials Research  
In this work, the degradation kinetics of calcium polyphosphate bioceramic was studied. Liquid state 31 P nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) were used to characterize the product. The in vitro degradation test was carried out at 37 °C for up to 48 hours for both the simulation solution and the extreme solution. The ion concentrations were measured and analyzed by establishing a mathematical model referring to the chemical reaction
more » ... hemical reaction kinetics. The results indicated that the degradability of calcium polyphosphate increased with the decrease of pH value, and the sample showed a rapid loss of ion concentration within the initial period of immersion followed by a slower loss ratio. The relationship between ion concentration and the degradation time coincided with Boxlucas model.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392009000400020 fatcat:hcrafwbukjbv3ijjlo2m6a34iy