The Origin of the Rock Oils

1860 Scientific American  
It is not more than seven years since this new indus -MESSRS. EDl'rORSI-I propose to promulgate throngh other points till al1 except the most ,'olatile would be trial agent hegan to be introrluced into general usc, and the columns of your journal, a new theory regarding.the converted and deposited, and it might be many yenrs yet if its history down to 1860 should be written, the origin of the oil known as petroleum or seneca oil, before those mme districts were cool enough to permit magnitude
more » ... permit magnitude and wide-spl·eading influence of its operawhich is now attracting so much of the attention of the the condensation of water, and allowing ample time for tions would gIve the narrative the style of romance. public. deposits of carth, and the chemical combinations Ilwt M � ny causes conspired together in preventing its early I d o not me un by "new theory," tha t t he view I take have covered and continue 10 protect those oil deposilH a dop t ion by manufacturers, for whose work it was more of its originating from coal is new, but I shall attempt from being displaced and driven off by the watcrs. especially adapted. Among these wereto detail the process by which it has been gathered in I am con firmed in these views and opinions by the 1. The ob j ection whi ch meets every new invention its present beds, and gh·e facts and reasons, which to great range in the specific gruvilies and of course in
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09291860-211a fatcat:plzlwiq6afamnisqui5xti7zjm