Designing hair

Saúl Baeza, "ELISAVA Research, Barcelona, Spain; Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands"
2022 Proceedings of DRS 2016 International Conference: Future?Focused Thinking 50th Anniversary International Conference Brighton UK   unpublished
Hair forms an evolving boundary between the inside and the outside of the body, it is both separate from us and a part of us. At the same time it is strongly directed by culture and norms. With this project, we disturb and shift these norms by describing a set of speculative design explorations on hair. We describe these explorations and outline the practices and techniques that are emerging. As such this paper constitutes a report of a set of explorations and points towards the possibility of hair as an arena for designerly work.
doi:10.21606/drs.2022.649 fatcat:4oi3wgbtpvelrel2rzefcpfq2u