Investigation, analysis and comparison of current-voltage characteristics for Au/Ni/GaN Schottky structure using I-V-T simulation

A. Sadoun, S. Mansouri, M. Chellali, N. Lakhdar, A. Hima, Z. Benamara
2019 Materials Science-Poland  
In this work, we have presented a theoretical study of Au/Ni/GaN Schottky diode based on current-voltage (I-V) measurement for temperature range of 120 K to 400 K. The electrical parameters of Au/Ni/GaN, such as barrier height (Φb), ideality factor and series resistance have been calculated employing the conventional current-voltage (I-V), Cheung and Chattopadhyay method. Also, the variation of Gaussian distribution (P (Φb)) as a function of barrier height (Φb) has been studied. Therefore, the
more » ... ed. Therefore, the modified ( $(1{\rm{n}}\left( {{{{{\rm{I}}_0}} \over {{{\rm{T}}^2}}}} \right) - \left( {{{{{\rm{q}}^{\rm{2}}}\sigma _{{\rm{s}}0}^2} \over {2{\rm{k}}{{\rm{T}}^{\rm{2}}}}}} \right) = 1{\rm{n}}\left( {{\rm{AA*}}} \right) - {{{\rm{q}}{\emptyset _{{\rm{B0}}}}} \over {{\rm{kT}}}})vs.\left( {{1 \over {{\rm{kT}}}}} \right)$ ) relation has been extracted from (I-V) characteristics, where the values of ΦB0 and ${\rm{A}}_{{\rm{Siuml}}}^*$ have been found in different temperature ranges. The obtained results have been compared to the existing experimental data and a good agreement was found.
doi:10.2478/msp-2019-0041 fatcat:lzrj3pldnbeyvjudjbnnzos23q