Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Stiffness Characteristics of Support Hydraulic System of TBM

Jianfeng Tao, Junbo Lei, Chengliang Liu, Wei Yuan
2019 Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Full-face hard rock tunnel boring machines (TBM) are essential equipment in highway and railway tunnel engineering construction. During the tunneling process, TBM have serious vibrations, which can damage some of its key components. The support system,an important part of TBM, is one path through which vibrational energy from the cutter head is transmitted. To reduce the vibration of support systems of TBM during the excavation process, based on the structural features of the support hydraulic
more » ... ystem, a nonlinear dynamical model of support hydraulic systems of TBM is established. The influences of the component structure parameters and operating conditions parameters on the stiffness characteristics of the support hydraulic system are analyzed. The analysis results indicate that the static stiffness of the support hydraulic system consists of an increase stage, stable stage and decrease stage. The static stiffness value increases with an increase in the clearances. The pre-compression length of the spring in the relief valve affects the range of the stable stage of the static stiffness, and it does not affect the static stiffness value. The dynamic stiffness of the support hydraulic system consists of a U-shape and reverse U-shape. The bottom value of the U-shape increases with the amplitude and frequency of the external force acting on the cylinder body, however, the top value of the reverse U-shape remains constant. This study instructs how to design the support hydraulic system of TBM.
doi:10.1186/s10033-019-0414-y fatcat:lf3fqnryebcofn5bjhicskpfgq