Mineral assessment of the Lime Peak-Mt. Prindle area, Alaska [report]

T. E. Smith, G. H. Pessel, M. A. Wiltse
1987 unpublished
EAST CENTRAL, ALASKA his Appendix contains a n a l y t i c a l data sets on 1 , 5 2 2 stream ~edfment samples developed for the Lime Peak -Mt. Prindle Area mineral assessment conducted by the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, 1986-87. Data for samples are Arranged in 3-page seta. Page one of each set includes the following identification information for each sample: Station numbers that correspond to sample locations shown on Plate 5-1; Latitude ( L a t , )~ Longitude
more » ... ); Circle Quadrangle 15-minuta map designation (Quad.); T m s h i p (T. ) ; Range (R. ) t and Section (sec. ) , for use in locating sample points or data of particular i n t e r e s t . Duplicata samples can be recognized from matching positive/negative number paire in the column "Dup. Codean For example: 2 and -2 indicate that the two samples bearing those Dup. Codes were c o l l e c t e d at the same sample site and treated in identical manner for all subsequent sample handling and a n a l y s i s procedures. A zero i n the "Dup. Code" column indicates a s i n g l e stream sediment eample was collected at that site. Thm S t a t i o n number ia repeated on each of the three pages required to display the entire s e t of analyses f o r each Bample. All analyses are reported in part8 per m i l l i o n (ppm) unless indicated otherwise i n the column headings. Negative numbers in the analytical data columns indicate that the element in question was not detected at a concentration equal t o the absolute value of . the n,egative value reported. stream sediment material analyzed was comprised of the -80 mesh fraction of clastic material c o l l e c t e a from active stream channels. At sample sites lacking sufficient clastic material i n active channels, the f i n e sediments entrapped in the root m a~s of mosses growing in a c t i v e stream channels was collected and submitted for analysis. All samplas were analyzed for 3 0 elements. Instrumental neutron activation analytical methods wore used to determine .concantration l e v e l s of: A h o t LeFort aqua regia d i g e s t i o n followed by atom,ic absorbtiori analysis of the resulting solution was used to qzlantify concentrations of Cu, Pb, Zn, and Ag. Analytical work was conducted by Nuclear ~ctivation Services, Ltd.,Hamilton, ontario, Canada under S t a t e contract CC10-7-0006. Appendix B Ekementat ~I y s e s of the -80 mesh size fraction of straara ssdiamts coltected in the Llnre Pesk I t . Prirdle area of the Circle Guadrsngtt, At&&. Concentrat ton values are expressed in parts per mi1 Lion ( p p ) mless stated otheruise. negative nrpbers Indicate th.t the alement uas m t &tactad a t a cwrtntration squat to the obsolute value of the negative W r repartad. DWawd. T. R. Sec. Code UIVE - Stat i n
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