Polarization dependent Bragg diffraction and electro-optic switching of three-dimensional assemblies of nematic liquid crystal droplets

A. Fernández-Nieves, D. R. Link, D. A. Weitz
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
We report the fabrication of three-dimensional lattices of bipolar nematic liquid crystal droplets. The electro-optic properties of these materials consist of transitions between opaque, Bragg diffracting, and transparent states. These occur continuously at moderate electric ͑E͒ fields through bipolar axis rotation of the nematic droplets. An E field applied normal to the hexagonally close packed planes results in a Bragg diffraction pattern that is polarization independent. Application of
more » ... Application of in-plane fields allows switching between diffracting and transmitting states that depends on the polarization of the incident light.
doi:10.1063/1.2187430 fatcat:3sfgfpakpzeorkgyooda7qg2yu