A general solution to non-collinear equilibria in terms of largest root (κ) of confocal oblate spheroid

M Javed Idrisi
2016 International Journal of Advanced Astronomy  
<p>This paper deals with the existence of non-collinear equilibria in restricted three-body problem when less massive primary is an oblate spheroid and the potential of oblate spheroid is in terms of largest root of confocal oblate spheroid. This is found that the non-collinear equilibria are the solution of the equations r<sub>1</sub> = n<sup>-2/3</sup> and κ = 1 – a<sup>2</sup>, where r<sub>1</sub> is the distance of the infinitesimal mass from more massive primary, n is mean-motion of
more » ... es, a is semi axis of oblate spheroid and κ is the largest root of the equation of confocal oblate spheroid passes through the infinitesimal mass.</p>
doi:10.14419/ijaa.v4i1.5587 fatcat:aooebhhrnfguzesunznqbapzvy