Developing the Methodology for Diagnosing Virtual Community of Practice
Virtual 실행공동체의 진단 방법론 개발

Jong-Yi Hong
2012 Korean Management Science Review  
Much of knowledge that can retain a company's competitive advantage remains within the organization. However, identifying, finding and leveraging knowledge in an organization is still problematic [17]. Although knowledge is the key to success, it is simply too valuable to be left in an organization [59] . The CoP (Community of Practice) within an organization is a practical way to manage knowledge in an organization as systematically as other critical assets in order to deploy and share it [59]
more » ... . However, research related with CoP, has focused on the value of CoP. Therefore, we developed not only a holistic and systematic method for understanding and assessing the current position of CoP but also a method for extracting the core strategies and CSFs of CoP based on performance evaluation. We developed strategies, CSF (Critical Success Factor) and PM (Performance Measure)s of CoP based on BSC (Balanced Scorecard) process. Specifically, CSFs and strategies of CoP were extracted based on maturity model and type of CoP. According to the procedure from the methodology to evaluate the performance of CoP, three different industrial cases were adopted to validate the evaluation methodology.
doi:10.7737/kmsr.2012.29.1.073 fatcat:nlwu44bxznelhgsoqi347ibdjy