Efficacy of Ox Gall in Removing Impacted Fæces

Edward Vanderpool
1847 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
make two compresses, pressed them against each orifice, and applied a roller from the elbow up as tight as I could thaw it. After the roller was four or five layers thick, the hemorrhage was entirely arrested, before which his blood was dripping fast from my horse's fetlocks, having saturated the end of the saddle blanket and his mane. We were now obliged to move immediately, and after going a short distance, I discovered that he revived and would be able to reach the hospital, three hundred
more » ... ds off, so it was pointed to him, and I re-joined the command to which I was attached. He reached the hospital, was taken from his horse, and described the nature of his wounds, when one of the surgeons applied a very tight roller from the hand to axilla, without a recurrence of the hemorrhage. I did not see him again until the 25th. He was doing very well, with the first dressing untouched ; pulse at the wrist imperceptible. Nothing of any interest afterwards occurred in this case, except that a pulse in the radial and brachial arteries could be felt faintly beating, on the 2d March, which gradually strengthening, is now, April 1st, nearly as strong and full as that of the other arm. 1 was requested to see W. J. B., aged 40 years, of full habit, who was suffering from pain and great distress in the right iliac region, preventing rest and sleep, and causing constant moaning. He had been confined to bed a fortnight with these symptoms, during which time he had been treated antiphlogistically for peritoneal inflammation ; calomel cathartics and castor oil had been repeatedly given, producing only a very slight faical evacuation each day ; cal. and ipecac, and cal. and Dover's powder had been continued in small doses ; his mouth had been touched for more than a week ; leeches had been repeatedly applied, and a blister at this time was vesicating the part. This afternoon mucus appeared with the discharge, unaccompanied by tenesmus, skin soft and clammy, tongue pale and moist, pulse 80 and soft, natural rotundity and softness of the abdomen, except the right iliac region,
doi:10.1056/nejm184710060371004 fatcat:kqp7c6nedff7pduvj5lr4zznhu