From Alkynes to Heterocycles through Metal-Promoted Silylformylation and Silylcarbocyclization Reactions

Gianluigi Albano, Laura Antonella Aronica
2020 Catalysts  
Oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic systems are present in a large number of natural and synthetic compounds. In particular, oxa- and aza-silacyclane, tetrahydrofuran, benzofuran, cycloheptadifuranone, cycloheptadipyrrolone, pyrrolidine, lactone, lactam, phthalan, isochromanone, tetrahydroisoquinolinone, benzoindolizidinone, indoline and indolizidine scaffolds are present in many classes of biologically active molecules. Most of these contain a C=O moiety which can be easily introduced using
more » ... roduced using carbonylative reaction conditions. In this field, intramolecular silylformylation and silylcarbocyclization reactions may afford heterocyclic compounds containing a carbonyl functional group together with a vinylsilane moiety which can be further transformed. Considering these two aspects, in this review a detailed analysis of the literature data regarding the application of silylformylation and silylcarbocyclization reactions to the synthesis of several heterocyclic derivatives is reported.
doi:10.3390/catal10091012 fatcat:pdmt55mrh5bexki5vapftzxobu