Can Gender Equality be Considered as a New Global Legal Order?

Reshma Shireen, Jaffrey
International Journal of Law and Legal Jurisprudence Studies   unpublished
There are certain experiences of people in different nations that can be linked to each other in the global context. Gender discrimination is one such experience, which can be linked to the women of different nations. It is a common social behavior in most of the jurisdictions of the world. But the question is, according to Carrier Menkal-Medow's definition of global law, can gender equality be considered as a legal phenomenon that affect or have the power to affect the behavior beyond a single
more » ... ior beyond a single state border? Can it be said, according to Twining's concept , that gender equality can be a global law, because it is concerned not just with individual's concepts but with a group of related concepts? In this paper, I will try to relate the conditions required to establish a global legal order with the issue of gender equality. Whether gender equality as a global law, fits into various assumptions of a global legal order and argue the role of state and its contribution for the establishment of a global legal order