Variation of Soil Physical Characteristics by Drainage Improvement in Poorly Drained Sloping Paddy Field
배수불량 경사지 논 토양의 배수방법에 따른 토양 물리성 변화

Ki-Yuol Jung, Eul-Soo Yun, Chang-Young Park, Jae-Bok Hwang, Young-Dae Choi, Seung-Ho Jeon, Hwang-A Lee
2012 Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer  
The lower portion of sloping paddy fields normally contains excessive moisture and the higher water table caused by the inflow of ground water from the upper part of the field resulting in non-uniform water content distribution. Four drainage methods namely Open Ditch, Vinyl Barrier, Pipe Drainage and Tube Bundle for multiple land use were installed within 1-m position from the lower edge of the upper embankment of sloping alluvial paddy fields. This study was conducted to evaluate soil
more » ... aluate soil physical characteristics by drainage improvement in poorly drained sloping paddy field. The results showed that subsurface drainage by Pipe Drainage improves the productivity of poorly drained soils by lowering the water table and improving root zone soil layer condition. In an Pipe drainage plot, soil moisture drained faster as compared to the other drainage methods. Infiltration rate showed high tendency to Piper Drainage method about 20.87 mm hr -1 than in Open Ditch method 0.15 mm hr -1 . And Similarly soil water and degree of hardness and shear strength phase of soil profile showed a tendency to decrease. From the above results, we found that when an subsurface drainage was established with at 1m position from the lower edge paddy levee of the upper field in sloping poorly drained paddy fields Pipe Drainage was the most effective drainage system for multiple land use.
doi:10.7745/kjssf.2012.45.5.704 fatcat:4z3jmemeqrht5diyuzhvck34h4