Electric bias control of impurity effects in bilayer graphene

Y. G. Pogorelov, M. C. Santos, V. M. Loktev
2015 Physical Review B  
Formation of localized impurity levels within the band gap in bigraphene under applied electric field is considered and the conditions for their collectivization at finite impurity concentration are established. It is shown that a qualitative restructuring of quasiparticle spectrum within the initial band gap and then specific metal-insulator phase transitions are possible for such disordered system and can be effectively controlled by variation of the electric field bias at given impurity
more » ... rbation potential and concentration. Since these effects can be expected at low impurity concentrations but at not too low temperatures, they can be promising for practical applications in nanoelectronics devices.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.075401 fatcat:6ippukzxqbcy5pp7tgrxhe3dqq