Pdm3 directs sleep circuit development to control sleep maturation [article]

Leela Chakravarti Dilley, Milan Szuperak, Charlette E Williams, Ricardo Linares Saldana, Naihua N Gong, David S Garbe, Mubarak H Syed, Rajan Jain, Matthew S Kayser
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Across species, sleep in young animals is critical for normal brain maturation. In contrast to mature adult sleep, the molecular determinants of early life sleep remain unknown. Through an RNAi-based screen, we identified a gene, pdm3, required for sleep maturation in Drosophila. Pdm3, a transcription factor, acts during nervous system development to coordinate the ingrowth of wake-promoting dopaminergic neurites to a sleep-promoting region. Loss of PDM3 prematurely increases dopaminergic
more » ... tion of the sleep center, abolishing the juvenile sleep state. RNA-Seq/ChIP-Seq and a subsequent modifier screen reveal that pdm3 regulates expression of the synaptogenesis gene Msp300 to control sleep ontogeny. These studies define the molecular cues governing sleep behavioral and circuit development, and suggest sleep disorders may be of neurodevelopmental origin.
doi:10.1101/743161 fatcat:a57cgeqwurdt5amfb5phtng2ry