Delay and Delay Variation Constrained Algorithm based on VNS Algorithm for RP Management in Mobile IPv6 [article]

Youssef Baddi, Mohamed Dafir Ech-Cherif El Kettani
2013 arXiv   pre-print
On account of the progress of network multimedia technology, more and more real-time multimedia applications arrive with the need to transmit information using multicast communication. These applications are more important with the arrival of mobile IPv6 protocol through mobile receivers and sources. These applications require a multicast routing protocol which has packets arriving at multicast receptors within a specified QoS guaranteed and a quick recovery mechanism. When multicasting with
more » ... ile IPv6, the mobility of a receivers and senders may lead to serious problems. When the receiver or sender moves, the quality of full multicast tree may degrade so that multicast datagrams cannot be forwarded efficiently. D2V-RPM (delay and delay variation RP Manager) problem consist in choosing an optimal multicast router in the network as the root of the shared multicast tree (ST) within a specified delay and delay variation bound for all multicast session, and recovering this RP if it's not optimal or it has failed. This NP hard problem needs to be solved through a heuristic algorithm. In this paper, we propose a new RP Management algorithm based on Variable Neighborhood Search algorithm, based on a systematic neighborhood changing. D2VVNS-RPM algorithm selects and recovers the RP router by considering tree cost, delay and delay variation. Simulation results show that good performance is achieved.
arXiv:1303.4771v1 fatcat:6iral4z4czhtjhbx22sceycaqa