A Distant Chandra Galaxy Cluster CL J1415.1+3612: Constraint on Evidence of the Cool-Core Phenomenon

Iu. Babyk
2014 Open Astronomy  
Deep Chandra observations of the distant cluster of galaxies, CL J1415.1+3612, are analyzed in order to determine the main physical characteristics of the intracluster medium. We also investigate some properties of a cool-core phenomenon at ∼ 10 kpc. Combining all Chandra observations, we derive the average temperature (kT = 6.77±0.54 keV) and the metal abundance (Z = 0.84±0.16 Z ⊙ ) of the cluster. Assuming hydrostatic equilibrium and spherical symmetry, and using deprojected temperature and
more » ... d temperature and surface profiles, we estimate the value of total mass of the cluster within R 2500 , R 500 and R 200 and find the fraction of gas for these radii. The gas mass fraction of CL J1415.1+3612 at R 500 is typical for X-ray clusters, (2.2±0.5)·10 14 M ⊙ . The total mass is equal to 3.8±0.4·10 14 M ⊙ at R 200 and the corresponding gas fraction is f = 0.21±0.06. In addition, we measured the cooling time of the central region (∼ 10 kpc) as t cool = 0.163±0.021 Gyr. The value of entropy in the same region is K c = 12.1±2.6 keV cm 2 . We also checked the redshift value of the cluster using the iron line Kα in the X-ray spectra of CL J1415.1+3612. Our analysis makes this galaxy cluster to be one of the best investigated distant massive clusters in the X-ray range.
doi:10.1515/astro-2017-0174 fatcat:y62qloqer5asthe277l7tyw2e4