Hepatotoxicity and Drug/Chemical Interaction Toxicity of Nanoclay Particles in Mice [dataset]

Katsuhiro Isoda, Ryutaro Nagata, Tomoya Hasegawa, Yuichiro Taira, Ikuko Taira, Yoshimi Shimizu, Kazuo Isama, Tetsuji Nishimura, Isao Ishida
2018 nano Online   unpublished
Nanomaterials are relatively new and unconventional materials with many useful properties, but their effects on biological systems are poorly understood. Nanoclay is a general term for layered mineral silicate nanoparticles that are ideally suited for use in clay-based nanocomposites. The potential biological hazards of nanoclays have not been addressed, however. Therefore, we investigated the in vivo effects and drug interactions of nanoclays. In mice, administration of nanoclay particles via
more » ... clay particles via the tail vein led to acute liver injury. Co-administration of nanoclay and carbon tetrachloride, paraquat, or cisplatin resulted in both liver and kidney injury. Our findings thus indicate that nanoclay particles are potentially hepato-and nephrotoxic.
doi:10.1515/nano.s11671-017-1956-5 fatcat:xgdyhbosxrbhxmgdcm7kf3siqu