L. M. Moshkovska
2021 International Humanitarian University Herald. Philology  
The article has been devoted to the functional aspects of English-language names of transport enterprises and the ways of their conveying into Ukrainian It has been noted in the research that proper names of transport entities are mostly English borrowings that actively function in the Ukrainian lexical system of the Transport sublanguage to denote new realia. The names of transport enterprises are determined as ergotemonyms with different sources of origin that affected the word-forming
more » ... rities of the proper names due to the use of anthroponyms, hydronyms, khrematonyms. It has been substantiated that proper names are intended to achieve communication and pragmatic efficiency and realize four main functions: nominative-signifying, informative, advertising and aesthetic. Having conducted a componental analysis, a great number of abbreviations, other shortenings and personal names have been revealed. They have been adapted in the target language through transliteration or the transfer of the original English name. Besides, proper names of transport enterprises have been classified according to the field of their business activity, forms of property, forms of incorporation with identification of the countries of transport entity's registration. The main ways of conveying English names of transport enterprises into Ukrainian have been investigated. It has been found that the most common one is descriptive method (or partial explication) with the transfer of English names in the initial or final position in translation of well known transport brands, logistics companies with abbreviated components or names of founders. Loan translation, permutation of components, omission of abbreviations, denoting the forms of property or incorporation, addition of the location component have often been used while rendering English names of transport associations, auto shows, transport dealerships, conferences into Ukrainian. Some cases of translation analogies' application have also been singled out. It has been stated that the names of transport enterprises function as one-component, two-, three-, four-, five-, six-, seven-component lexical units which are adapted in the target language with the help of the following mixed translation ways: loan translation + permutation + transcribing (or the transfer of the English abbreviation); partial explication + omission + lexical substitution.
doi:10.32841/2409-1154.2021.52-2.37 fatcat:wjc7ywtb2vdq7p3v3o7ztuqwe4