Development of a new bearing geometry to reduce friction losses [thesis]

Margarita Marmol
The choice of the optimal rolling bearing depends on the boundary conditions and the requirements of the application. This way, the rolling bearings are designed in terms of their requirements of carrying capacity, the resulting frictional losses or the velocity limit among others. The optimization of the internal geometry of rolling bearings for specific applications is still a focus of study. Moreover, new rolling bearings, based on the existing geometries have been developed in the recent
more » ... rs and are on continuous development up to now. One of the most commonly used rolling bearings for combined load when high load carrying capacity is needed is the tapered roller bearing (TRB). Although this type of rolling bearing has been used in widespread application, its relatively high friction losses occurring at the rib contact are a spotlight for the engineers on this area of work. A solution for reducing the frictional losses appearing at TRBs for applications where a high load carrying capacity is needed is still being searched for. Many recent studies focus on the optimization of the contact between the roller end and the raceway rib surface. On the contrary, this work focuses on the development of a new type of rolling bearing, based on the existing TRB, but where a rib contact is no longer needed. First of all, the geometrical parameters defining the internal geometry of the rolling bearings, more specifically the contact between the roller and the raceways, have been studied. Moreover, several patents defining new geometries of rolling bearings have been analyzed. Based on the correlations observed between the different geometrical parameters, types of geometries and outcomes, the geometry of a new type of rolling bearing has been developed. In order to study its behavior, a Multi-Body-Simulation (MBS) Model of the new type of rolling bearing has been generated. Moreover, in order to validate the model, a prototype of the geometry under study has been manufactured and experimentally tested. The results obtain [...]
doi:10.26204/kluedo/6986 fatcat:l2tjqn4osvggniiy6z5yp4bdxe