Using the Maximum Entropy Principle to Combine Simulations and Solution Experiments

Andrea Cesari, Sabine Reißer, Giovanni Bussi
2018 Computation  
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations allow investigating the structural dynamics of biomolecular systems with unrivaled time and space resolution. However, in order to compensate for the inaccuracies of the utilized empirical force fields, it is becoming common to integrate MD simulations with experimental data obtained from ensemble measurements. We here review the approaches that can be used to combine MD and experiment under the guidance of the maximum entropy principle. We mostly focus on
more » ... hods based on Lagrangian multipliers, either implemented as reweighting of existing simulations or through an on-the-fly optimization. We discuss how errors in the experimental data can be modeled and accounted for. Finally, we use simple model systems to illustrate the typical difficulties arising when applying these methods.
doi:10.3390/computation6010015 fatcat:mcya5wphnvdxppzjn6o32ek4x4