Alexander, Daniel Szentes, Iosb Fraunhofer, Wolfgang
IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems   unpublished
We describe our concept and implementation of a mobile scenario assistant which helps with the automatic configuration of complex systems for demonstration scenarios. Presenting features of complex systems often requires profound expert knowledge which is more than often not available when needed ad-hoc on the spot. A solution approach is to create a machine readable model which can be used by assistance systems to help with the complicated setup and operation. The contribution of this work is
more » ... on of this work is the concept and implementation details of the mobile, distributed scenario assistant SCENAS. It is an assistance system to automatically configure components of a complex, heterogeneous system for its use in training and demonstration scenarios. The presented modeling approach of complex systems comprises state machine and standardized data flow principles with focus on feasible adaptability. Mobile devices are used as graphical user interfaces for "scenario remote control" and as mobile information brokers. The application is shown in a complex, heterogeneous system for image exploitation.