Predicting the Motions of a Fishing Boat Caused by Improving the Stern Part using a Hybrid Particle-Grid Scheme

Suandar Baso, Hidemi Mutsuda, Yasuaki Doi
2019 International Journal of Technology  
Improving a ship's stern part could help to reduce greenhouse gases and costs. However, a ship sailing in actual conditions experiences disturbances that can affect its performance. Ship performance is an important aspect of the design process that guarantees ship safety. The heave and pitch motions of an improved fishing boat were predicted numerically by using a hybrid scheme of Eulerian grid-Lagrangian particle, hereinafter improving its stern part and attaching an additional part. The stern
more » ... nal part. The stern part improvement and additional structure attachment affected an increase on the heave amplitude from the ship's basic form by 5% to 10%. Moreover, the improvement of the stern part in the bottom area contributed to a better heave amplitude than that of the side area. Finally, the pitch amplitude for all forms was relatively small and affected an increase of 5% to 9%, dependent on the form. The improvement had a greater effect on heave motion than pitch
doi:10.14716/ijtech.v10i2.2354 fatcat:vtewaydaorb53jmieopy7nmpmu