Literature survey on causes of dispute arising in construction sector

Dangat, Prof Vasatkar
International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO In today's scenario millions of rupees are invested in infrastructure sector to fulfill the current requirement of growing population. Infrastructure projects are most multifaceted, each projects are unique required various specialist in every discipline to work together to complete. The infrastructure projects takes lot of time for completion and many parties are involved in the project. These infrastructure projects have unique design and work methodology, skilled labors,
more » ... t management and huge investment. Therefore differences in individuals are often occurring in construction projects due to its unique in nature. This differences if not handle properly then it leads to disputes. Such disputes are harmful for any project as it cost construction project in timely as well as monetary manner. Claims are the initial stage of disputes which requires necessary attention and technique to suspend it. Claims are often seen in every construction work. Current research work investigates the reasons of dispute through the literature survey. It is expected that the study of this research work will help the construction related parties to avoid the claims and accordingly avoid the dispute.