Mechanical life: expression of artificial life shown in kinetic art

Dongjo Kim, Haehyun Jung, Hyunggi Kim
2014 Contemporary Engineerng Sciences  
The use of various media as well as development of technique led to much attention to artistic expression of artificial life. In particular, development of motor to which high technique is applied, application of sensor which plays a role like a human sensory system as well as research on new type of system to which objet is combined that reacts to external environment contribute to artistic creation. In addition, application of characteristics that lives have enabled classification as
more » ... ication as mechanical life unlike simple mechanical system. Existing kinetic art produced artworks considering only movement as important concept. However, application of research which simulates process of life by using computer or other media helped express mechanical life. This study analyzes kinetic artworks which were created based on theories on artificial life. This study covers artistic value of articial life in kinetic art by making mechanical life that can expand communication with spectators. 1280 Dongjo Kim, Haehyun Jung and Hyunggi Kim
doi:10.12988/ces.2014.49158 fatcat:iipd2nl54zcijdif6l5v2fzdcm