Islam of Mercy and Compassion

Yasushi TONAGA
This paper looks at coexistence in Islam and Sufi sm, and takes Indonesia as a case study. It is divided in three parts. The fi rst part explains the basic idea of cultural coexistence in the Islamic creed and history -the former includes an explanation on the two faces of Allah, anger and love, and the teachings of the Quran on coexistence with non-Muslims; the latter explains the "Protection (Dhimma) system" and "Millet system" as concrete examples of coexistence. The second part is dedicated
more » ... to inquiry into coexistence in Sufism -it elucidates the theories of "oneness of being (waḥda al-wujūd)" and "oneness of religions (waḥda al-adyān)," and the practice of saint veneration as examples. The third part is on inquiry into coexistence in contemporary Indonesia. It introduces the policy for religious equality based on Pancasila, the notion of "religious moderation (Moderasi Beragama)," that of "Indonesian Islam (Islam Nusantara)," and the "Convey Indonesia Program" conducted by Syarif Hidayatullah State University Jakarta; it concludes with the active role of Sufi sm in this inquiry.
doi:10.14989/262495 fatcat:qggmybugevdkje2ardh3zilfqy