Mycorrhizal Inoculation for Increasing the G2 Seed Bulbs Production of Potato Granola L Varieties from Mini Cuttings

Noertjahyani Noertjahyani, G. Ramadhan, Ai Komariah, E. Roosma Ria, E. Masnenah
2020 Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Purpose : Mycorrhizae are mutualistic symbiosis or association between soil fungi and plant roots which plays an important role in increasing nutrient availability and crop productivity. Potatoes are one of the carbohydrate-producing plants and it can be propagated with mini cuttings from plantlets. The application of mycorrhizal inoculant is expected to increase the yield of potato from mini cuttings. The research was conducted to investigate the effect of mycorrhizal inoculants on degree of
more » ... ot colonization, growth and yield seed of Granola L potato propagated with mini cuttings. The study aimed to increase potatoes seed productivity by application of mycorrhizal inoculant. Research Method : The experiment used was Randomized Block Design consist of six treatments (0, 5 g, 10 g, 15 g, 20 g, and 25 g per plant), and repeated 4 times. The observed responses were degree of roots infection, plant height, leaf number, plant dry weight, the number of tubers and tuber yield. Findings : The results showed that the application of mycorrhizal inoculants was able to increase root colonization by 344% and plant dry weight by 47.49%. Application of 15 g/plant mycorrhizal inoculants increased the plant height at 6 and 8 week after planting by 23.92%, 16.24%, respectively and tuber yield per plant by 24.96%. These results confirm that the application of 15 g per plant mycorrhizal inoculants can be used to enhance the productivity of potato seeds. Limitations : Mycorrhizal colonization was highly affected by the soil physico-chemical properties, the active ingredients and quality of inoculants. Value : This research contribute to increase seed production of potato.
doi:10.4038/jas.v15i2.8808 fatcat:u47mf5jjj5cxdnjw2bsgsi4lni