Non-contact Generation of Compression Waves in a Liquid Metal by Imposing a High Frequency Electromagnetic Field

Shinji Amano, Kazuhiko Iwai, Shigeo Asai
1997 ISIJ International  
In order to confirm the fact that compression wavescan be generated in an electrically conductive liquid by using an electromagnetic field, Pressure oscillations in a liquid gallium were directly measuredunder the imposition of a high frequency magnetic field and a mathematicai model based on the electromagnetic field theory and the compressible fluid dynamics has been developed, The pressure oscillation with the double frequency of the imposed magnetic field was not only isotropic but aiso in
more » ... roportion to the square of the intensity of the magnetic field, Theseobservations coincide with the prediction derived from the mathematical model. Furthermore, the measureddistribution of the pressure oscillation in a liquid gallium agrees well with the result of the mathematical model.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.37.962 fatcat:kaw2efvck5bkpdeydsxttnlmvu