A Peer-to-Peer Architecture to collaboratively Propagate and Traceback DDoS Attack information using DST

D. Thamizh Selvam, P.S. Vinayagam, P. Syam Kumar, Dr. R. Subramanian
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Distributed Denial of Service attacks has become prevalent in the context of ever growing Internet. Numerous attacks have taken place in the past and numerous solutions have been suggested. Intrusion detection and filtering are necessary mechanisms to combat against these attacks and secure networks. However, the existing detection techniques for DDoS attacks have their entities work in isolation. In this paper, we propose an efficient and distributed collaborative architecture that allows the
more » ... lacement and the cooperation of the defense entities to better address the main security challenges. The use of Distributed Spanning Trees (DST) algorithm controls the damage caused by Distributed Denial of Service attacks by using propagation and traceback mechanism. Simulations show that DST-based tracing behave better than randomly generated graphs and trees as it generates less messages to query all computers while avoiding the tree bottlenecks. General Terms Peer-to-Peer Network, Security.
doi:10.5120/899-1274 fatcat:bcomuoec5zetpfnqzr3ktksq2e