Research on Multi-Target Scales Estimation Based on the Theory of Fuzzy Clustering

Bai He Wang, Dai Zhi Liu, Shi Qi Huang
2012 Advanced Engineering Forum  
Scale recognition is the effective technology in underwater target identification. The existing methods can only solve the problem of single-target scale estimation and are not adaptable to the problem of multi-target scale estimation and recognition in complex counterwork. A method named FC based on fuzzy clustering analysis was put forward to analyze and estimate the multi-target scales in this paper. In the method, all the highlights collected by homing system were analyzed by dynamic fuzzy
more » ... lustering with the principle of shortest distance, and scales were estimated separately based on the lights belonged to deferent sorts. Simulation results show that the problem of multi-target scale recognition can be solved effectively with FC method.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:lh3porhtlzazvlliedxxrhjcgu