Phase-transition Transistor Based on an Organic Mott-insulator Interface

2011 Hyomen Kagaku  
This paper describes a band-filling-controlled Mott transition at an interface of an organic field effect transistor. Conductance and Hall coefficient of a thin crystal of an organic Mott-insulator laminated onto a SiO2/Si substrate were measured under various gate electric fields at low temperature. The maximum field effect mobility of this device reached 94 cm 2 /Vs. The carrier density at finite positive gate voltages corresponds to that of a metallic state of this material, rather than that
more » ... of a Mott-insulating state. This observation indicates the electric-field induced Mott transition in the interface.
doi:10.1380/jsssj.32.33 fatcat:foj427tgurgdbn25vxuyqjcwmu